About Us


Rob Stephenson, past VUSD Board President, founded the Visalia Runners in the Fall of 1979 and became its first President.

The club was initially a long distance running club and known for putting on races throughout the Visalia area. The very first race was in 1979 with the Spring Class 10k race at Mooney’s Grove Park. The club has since evolved into a more structured organization with a philosophy of advocating healthy living, welcoming runners as well as walkers and giving back to the community. 

Mission Statement

The Visalia Runners (founded in 1980) is a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified non-profit organization which is devoted to the overall health and well-being of all who engage in running, walking, or both to benefit the physical and mental health of its members. We offer daily and weekly options around the community where runners or walkers can provide or receive motivation while fostering encouragement of others. We offer newsletters to all members and state of the art technical advice from our elite runners, all to enhance the success of the athlete. We sponsor several events throughout the year to heighten awareness of the club and to benefit many worthwhile charities and organizations. Everything we do is dedicated to embracing both current and new members. Our top priority is to reward success through positive interaction. In addition, we greet and welcome everyone with utmost respect and appreciation. No one is left behind. We are a stable and vibrant group who is committed to expanding our membership and would love to have you join us.